God's Garden
Jimmy asked his mother why
     his little brother had to die.
She sat him on her knee and said,
     "Only God knows why.
But I have an idea that's all my own.
Like flowers in spring time, we're all on loan.
And a garden is prettiest with blooms of all kinds.
Different colors, different shapes,
     opening at different times.
When you walk through a garden,
     what beauty there is.
When a variety of stages of flowers appear.
When some are blooming, some budding,
     some starting to fade,
Many flowers in each season
     that's how the best gardens are made.
God makes his own garden,
     and tends to it with care.
But especially he cares
     for children that are there.
They're the buds that never bloomed,
     and now they will never fade away.
They never felt age, knew sadness or pain
Knew the joy of morning dew,
     nor the grief of the rain.
God gathered them to grow in heaven,
     not on earth far away.
Now they'll only know love,
     and sunshine brighter then day.
And we'll see your brother again,
    we'll pass his way.
When we walk through the gate
      to the garden some summer day.
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