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Nickname/first name: ByFaith/Cathy

Comments: I love your site, I look forward to exploring it more
Nickname/first name: Mississippi_Squirrel

Comments: Nice Page...God bless and see ya in the funny pages
Nickname/first name: peach4Jesus

Comments: Hey! This is looking good so far! Blessings and Hugs!
Nickname/first name: Aly

Comments: wooohooo I get to be first! kewl web page sis....I really admire you sis...keep on keepin on sis, may the Lord bless you for your work you do for Him, love and hugzzz
Nickname/first name: aprilshowers

Comments: Sissypoo I cant wait until this is done. I love what you have done so far. May God Bless You and Your new room
Nickname/first name:  BJ

Comments:  Awesome site
Nickname/first name:  The Missionary

Comments:  very good! i enjoyed my visit
Nickname/first name:  kacjsmom/Cindy

Comments:  It is a very nice web page and I was glad that I was able to see it.
Nickname/first name:  createdtoPraise

Comments:  This looks great sis, cant wait to work on mine in the days to come.
Nickname/first name:

Comments: Your web site is very nice. I found some pictures under your religious art section that was given to me at a womens retreat weekend. They are the ones of Christ with the children. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Barb Sanderlin
Nickname/first name:  aprilshowers

Nickname/first name:  guppie

Comments:  I love it! Its a wonderful site, keep up the good work... may the Lord bless you all abundantly!
Nickname/first name:  Madison

Comments:  Wow...the site has really grown! Awesome and inspiring additions! Keep up the great work, sis! God bless you.
Nickname/first name: Anna

Comments:  Your website is phenomenal!! So much excellent information here that I've bookmarded it to come back again....Good job!

Improvements/Ideas: Its wonderful the way it is :-)

Your own website: Lady Annas Pages -
Nickname/first name: Peacelady

Comments:  Wow . . . Great art and all sorts of wonderful words! I love Jesus too! I took some graphics . . . Thank You

Improvements/Ideas:  Just keep doin what you're doin honey . . . it's beautiful

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Nickname/first name: BJAY

Comments:  Very impressive, I do say sister!

Improvements/Ideas: None, just keep up the great work!
Nickname/first name: Desiree/passion

Comments:  skittles/very nice lady, nice meetin you, God bless
Nickname/first name: Jeni

Comments:  So many goodies, so little time!! :)

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Nickname/first name: Augie

Comments: A really great web page. May God bless your efforts.
Nickname/first name: Marie

Comments: I'm the mother of a little Pauline who is 2 and just got your address by the Mary, Mother of God website. I'm looking forward to showing this site to Pauline. God bless you
Nickname/first name: Rose-Kristen

Comments: I think this is a great website. I couldn't have done a better job! Keep up the great work! God bless!
Nickname/first name: Liz

Comments: Oh MY! What a fabulous webpage! This is such a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Jesus love and mine, Liz McBride
Nickname/first name: toycar

Comments: this website is really great, my sincere thanks to all the contributors of this site, God Bless.
Nickname/first name: Fr Danny

Comments: This is acceptional clipart and poems, have added it to my favorites, Great religious clipart, thank you, God bless

Improvements/Ideas:   More more more more more more
Nickname/first name: cjs

Comments: When I found this site, it is just what I was looking for. I need a bunch of images for our church power point presentation. Thanks a bunch for the work and time you put into this site.
Nickname/first name: Crystal

Comments: I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I think this site is amazing. I love the picture, you have a great site. So I just wanted to say thanks for the site.
Nickname/first name: Bishop/Charlie

Comments: Great meeting you, great page, will be back

Improvements: none needed

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Nickname/first name: seren

Comments: This is my first time checking out the site ammi from ccnet told me about it. It is a cool web site. All the best in the future.
Nickname/first name: Amber

Comments: Thank you so much for breaking down Our Father Prayer for me. It has helped me alot.
Nickname/first name: GodIsGood

Comments: Great Website link. Good and restful for visitors. Well laid out and clear.

Improvements/Ideas:  testimonies would be good, this page is very pink (lol). God bless
Nickname/first name: Susie

Comments: Loved your site. I do church bulletins and see alot of useful poems, articles and clipart. Thanks for loving Jesus.
Nickname/first name: benjamin

Comments: good site
Nickname/first name: lightslove

Comments:  I'm working on a project. Your site has several images I hope I can use.
Nickname/first name: Mary

Comments:  hey! nice website. gr8!!
Nickname/first name: BJAY

Comments:  Awesome page sister! God bless you!
Nickname/first name: Sapito

Comments: I was very pleased with your website, I will keep coming back to learn more of God's will, and may the Lord bless, we need more people like you
Nickname/first name: ash

Comments: eyz

Improvements/Ideas: nothing I guess
Nickname/first name: Mandy

Comments: I love your site and everything in it! I'm gonna use your stuff on my sites and blogs!

Improvements/Ideas: Everythings cool

your own website:
Nickname/first name: ash

Comments: eyz
Nickname/first name: Dana

Comments:  What a wonderful website!
Nickname/first name: Jean C sunday

Comments: Be blessed for this job! I love Jesus because He is all I need and He is the source of my Joy. I love this website and I'm gonna pray for you.Good job. Be blessed.
Nickname/first name: Nancy

Comments: I love your site. Thank you so much for the beauty for us to enjoy for our sites.
Nickname/first name: Jessica

Comments: Wonderful web site and it is so nice to have sites like this especially in the days we live in now. Great work. Thank you.

Improvements/Ideas:   Nothing at all.

Your own website:   I dont have one that is mine but I do recommend this web site called  Many members are devoted christians and not only them but most of the people who go to the site are just kind hearted.
Nickname/first name: Nancy

Comments: Fantastic, wonderful images and ideas.

Maybe more for the sacraments for baptiam, first communion etc
Nickname/first name: DeeeHeee

Comments: I'm sad that I only JUST FOUND this site this year 2006. Wish I had known about it for years. I'm going to let so many people from church know about it. JUST FABULOUS!!!

  Keep on doing what you are doing !
Nickname/first name: Janet4Jesus/Janet

Comments: I love the way you did your website and love the way you did it.

your own website:
Nickname/first name: The Pearl

Comments: Hey Sis, Long time no talk. Your site is beautiful. I tried to go to your chat room but didnt see anywhere to get in. E-mail me please. Greetings to all your ops...It is good to see some familiar faces again. Love ya...
Nickname/first name: Lisa

Comments: I would like to thank you for hosting this beautiful website. I have used many of your angel graphics--THANK YOU SOOO Much--for my Grandma Janies website ( I cannot express how thankful I really am. God bless
Nickname/first name: Miss Prays 1st

Comments: AWESOME Website....Beautiful Graphics.... God Bless You!!

your own website -
Nickname/first name: Gail

Comments: Great site! Keep up the great work.
Nickname/first name: Angela

Comments: I love your site. It is great. God bless.
Nickname/first name: Patrick

Comments: good site. good contents

Improvements/Ideas :  
please remove the background colors and animation. please make text readability. put all the animations in some other pages. the contents are good but it is difficult to read.
Nickname/first name: Carol

Comments:  I just put banner of your wonderful site on my links page. I also use some of your beautiful artword pics for my prayer page. if you would like you can click below to put my link on your page. You are a blessing, your sister in Christ
Nickname/first name: Patrick

Comments: Nice to look Up. Keep it up

Improvements/Ideas:   Try to add dynamic Pages 

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Nickname/first name: Marion

Comments:  More evidence mankinds spiritual trust in the lumination of our Lord Jesus Christ's word and His promises to all mankind who do not reject Him.

How did you hear about my site?:
  An ill friend, asked if I would search the web for your site for her. 

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No:

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Nickname/first name: YANKEEGIRL007



Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No:   YES

Your own website:   NONE
Nickname/first name: Jean Eaton

Comments: You are illegally using a copyrighted image that I drew and own. Please remove it from your site. It is of Jesus hugging a girl.

Hi Jean
I need to know exactly which one because i have a few of Jesus hugging a girl. You can let me know through the guestbook or you can email me which is at the bottom of the home page.
thank you
Nickname/first name: bear ronk

Comments: what a wonderful site! my son is a missionary over in Afghanistan right now and i feel so close to him here, thank you.

How did you hear about my site?: clip art on a memorial site that my son is also a member he died 2 years ago and i was looking at the artwork for something new and awakening to minister with. 

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No:   yes
Nickname/first name: Chrissy

Comments: I have visited before and love your webpages!

How did you hear about my site?: I accidently found it. as what i thought but i think the Lord lead me here!!

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: YES

Your own website:
Nickname/first name: sav

Comments: I do enjoy this site.

How did you hear about my site?: From a friend

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: yes
Nickname/first name: Trudy

Comments: Hello, I came across this site not by accident. I am sure I was led by Jesus. I was searching for cliparts and blessed by your kindness and generosity. I have copied a few. I will be back to see you again. May God bless you and yours. Luv in Jesus, Trudy

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: Yes

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Nickname/first name: Kelli

Comments:  I like this website very much. It is Very Beautiful!!! Thank you and May God Bless you!!

How did you hear about my site?: Looking for Christian Clip-art on internet.

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: Yes-definately!!
Nickname/first name: Eady

Comments: I am so very blessed by your site. The entire site is really a pleasure to be on. No pop-ups or any type of ads. I plan on having my own web page when I have time to design it. God Bless

How did you hear about my site?: I found it on Google quite by accident. I believe it to be an answer to my prayers.

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: Absolutely

Your own website: In progress
Nickname/first name: Chrissy

Comments: Thank you for the beatiful backgrounds and clip art. May I please use them for my assignment for the class I am taking in Intro to Web Design? Our professor let us have a topic of our choice. I choose Christmas. I want people to know the real meaning of Christmas

How did you hear about my site?: Actually I accidently came across your site. But i do not think it was an accident, I think the Lord guided me here tonight.

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: Yes!

Your own website:
Nickname/first name: Marlean Jessica

Comments: I like it and its so nice to see and read the contents. I am a Divine Mercy Devotee and i would like to hear from you
Please feel free to email me at bottom of home page!

How did you hear about my site?: Im just surfing and happen to open this website.

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: yes
Nickname/first name: Terri

Comments: I absolutely love your site, especially the pictures of Jesus. God Bless You all for setting it up and allowing the public to use it freely.

How did you hear about my site?: Ask Yahoo

Would you visit this web site again? Yes or No: Absolutely
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