What Kind of Person Are You
Winning Is Beginning

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might"
. . . Ecclesiastes 9:10
When faced with a God inspired idea, insecure people hibernate. They run away from good ideas. They are afraid they might fail or that it might cost too much. Like a bear feeling the first whisper of a winter wind, they rush off to hide.

Lazy people luxuriate. They just don't pay much attention to the idea. They just want to enjoy the pleasures of the moment. They say they will get serious later on, but seldom do anything different.

Wounded people commiserate. They say "Oh, it's a good idea, but I couldn't do it. I've tried before and failed." They have a long list of "I've tried but. . ." excuses that seems endless.

Foolish people procrastinate. They put things off and say, "Later on when I'm ready. But I'm not ready yet." And the difference between the high achiever and the low achiever is that the high achiever almost always makes the decision before they are ready to move! Don't wait until you are ready or you never make the move.

Wise people dedicate themselves to the task and move in. They are do-it-now people. They don't waste a good moment or a good idea, especially when that idea comes from God.

What kind of person will you be today?
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