My name is Amy. I live in Ohio at the moment with my husband and five children. I have enjoyed the expreience of living in 5 states so far. They are New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio. I love to travel and see our beautiful country of the United States and visit museums and check out factory tours. I enjoy the outdoors and every kind of activity that you can do out in it. I love to try my hand at driving anything with a motor on it, such as motorcycles, go-carts, boats, snowmobiles, 4 wheel ATVs etc. I'm a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to home improvement and repair as well as cars too. I love to collect christian books and read them too (when I get around to it! lol) I am an information "junkie", that being the strongest term to describe my compulsion to seek and gather all kinds of knowledge! I have a special love for early American history, christian heritage and the evidencce of God's hand in shaping our land.
My Favorite Verses
1Corinithians 13:1-13
My Anchor Verses:
"For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal lilfe"
John 3:16
My Favorite Web Sites
Praise TV
Blue Letter Bible
Rush Limbaugh
Christian Music K-Love
Father's Love Letter
Making Healthy Choices
Dr Whitakers Vitamins
Drudge Report
My Testimony

I grew up without any religious upbringing, except for an occasional visit to a Catholic church with one of my friends in my teen years. Despite this, I was always drawn to any movie or TV show about Jesus or the bible. Though I ridiculed and disparaged people who were christians and scoffed at those I saw on TV, I still felt a powerful attraction to any program I saw about Jesus. I now know in hindsight that it was God drawing me to Himself.

When I got married and moved away from my parent's home, I was no longer under their influence and was forced to think for myself. I decided I would check out the religious shows I saw on TV instead of passing them by. When I heard the simple Gospel presented to me, through the 700 Club, it was an easy decision to pray with them to receive Jesus as my personal savior. Since then, my spiritual life has grown and waned and grown more as I exercise biblical truths and live the trials of raising 5 children with my husband.
My Salvation Prayer
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