This is skittles speaking, yes guilty as charged. Ok, yes, she is claiming to be shy, but i just couldn't let this go by and not put nothing there for a picture of her. So pretend that she is on a rocket flying. She is though a very sweet lady, who you can't help but love her as a good friend. Ok, done, back to dachie.
I am OLD! I reside in Galatia, Illinois with my hubby and 6 dachshunds. I was saved in 1975 after a nasty divorce, which God handled so well. He brought me out of a bad situation into a new relationship with Him. He introduced me to my hubby who I can claim in marriage for almost 25 years now. I have 3 grown sons, ages 31, 29 and 24. Oldest one has blessed me with 2 grandkids, which I don't get to see often as they live in Las Vegas. But it gives us a great vacation place. Middle son lives in Florida on the east coast, which also gives us another wonderful vacation spot.
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Besides work, the only other few things I enjoy is cooking and taking vacations. And there I always end up cooking too, so there is no escape. hehe