My Favorite Psalm
Psalm 91
I went to church all my life and asked Jesus into my heart at age 5. During my teen years, I moved away from the Lord, but was drawn back to Him many times during that period. I was filled with the Holy Ghost at age 15. At 22, i married a very abusive "christian" man and we were divorced 3 years later; by the grace of God. There were no children from that marriage.

At age 28, I married an unsaved man who treated me like a queen. I am happy to report that Cory is now a christian and we attend church regularly. Things got really serious when i was pregnant with our son; the medical "professionals" gave us a very bleak outlook for his future before he was born. Some of the things predicted were, he would need emergency heart surgery immediately after birth he would be moderate to severely handicapped, hydracephalus  (water on the brain) and probably would die before he reached one month old.  We had no choice but to hand our son over to the Lord. We were very nervous, but trusted in the Word of God and His promises.

Our son Christian, is now 5 years old and despite some developmental delays, hearing loss and the fact that he wears glasses....he is doing well....and he is ALIVE!!! He has a chromosome make-up that has never been medically documented before. He is definitely unique. We expect the very best for him and do not limit him in any way. Christian is a blessing to all he meets. God has a special plan for his life and it is our job as parents to raise him for His glory.
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I believe that Psalm 91 is relevant for almost any situation I may find myself in.

We live on a small acreage in central Canada with our very spoiled dog and cat. I love the solitude of where we live. I especially love taking long walks in the summer and admiring God's handiwork in the nature around me. I also love my quiet mornings with the Lord. Good health and living without pain in our bodies is a big part of our lives. We are business-minded family, as you can tell from my favorite links. :)

My Favorite Things
flowers, nature, reading my Bible, cooking, road trips, long walks and sitting by the lake in the summer
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