The Little Boss
JESUS - The Really Big Boss
Meet skittles! This is who I took my nickname from. Isn't he the cutess little thing (just like me). One thing you couldn't accuse him of was not liking his food. He also had a BIG problem, selective hearing, hehe. Actually, I thought his name was sooo cute, catchy and hard to forget.

He died Sept 27 2007. I miss him so much!
About Me
Hi and welcome to my little corner in cyber space and to the Divine Mercy's Webpage. I am a Roman Catholic christian and have been now for over 20 some years. I'm from Canada and vowed to live single for love of Christ. This did not come easy. I prayed for many years on it and was graced with confirmation on this. I am very content and peaceful with this vocation and have found that I have grown more in love with Jesus. He is my heart. 

I have my whole family living in the same city which is great and I have 2 brothers who are married and both with kids, a half brother who has a heart of gold. They all are such great brothers  too. I am very blessed to have them.

I have worked different types of jobs, an insurance agent, data entry clerk at a courier place and worked in a medical lab which I really enjoyed. I was injured in March 98 at the lab and now I can't work. I didn't expect this injury to last long at all. I am on Canadian pension disability and NEL (non economic loss) and won my workers compensation claim in February 2003. Thank you so very much for prayers for this intention.

So I come into the room to help, minister, to bug people and play hehe. Doing this webpage is a blessing also and I never dreamt it would get this big. Funny how the Lord works, isn't it. He tells you to do a webpage so others can see what we look like and know all about us and the next thing you know is that your doing over 200 pages (all God's ideas). I am also the "wav queen". I love them wavs and sharing them. I had alot of people I was sending them to, but now you can download them on this site. Got to share so that I can have others singing and praising God or just laughing.

One of the many things I've learned is not to take yourself seriously but to take God seriously. We also have to remember that he has a great sense of humor. Remember, he was the one who created it.

God bless you all and I pray you enjoy this site.
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Isaiah 54:4-10
Isaiah 61:1-6
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